What Is That Feeling? How Your Yoga Practice Brings Up Feelings You Didn't Even Know You Had.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Come into Active Child's Pose and begin with a deep breath.

This is something I've said thousands of times to begin a class.

Take note of how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Accept that you are exactly as you are meant to be. Everything is exactly as it should be.

These words follow and their meaning reverberates within me every time I speak them, bringing me back to how I felt the first time I found myself on the mat and holding space for anyone whose first time may be today.

It is so important that we are able to let ourselves feel, both the words in our minds and the feelings in our bodies, letting them connect with each other at the start of a lifelong journey. Some days we feel strong, other times we are tired or scared, but we keep coming back to our practice and connecting each time within ourselves and to everything else. Our emotions having a conversation within each pose as we learn more and more of the depth within us all as we allow ourselves feel.

This is the inspiration behind Fireheart Yoga.

Clothing can’t move our soul, I know, but I wanted to use images and patterns that would at least remind us of the different places we go to in our minds and bodies, pictures of amazing life on this planet, our connection with nature as the sky just inspires us to take a deep breath. To be able to practice in comfort and seeing something that I find beautiful brings a lot of happiness into my practice, and to me, that’s the best feeling ever!

I’ve included other emotions as well, things that we all feel on different days and I just felt like I wanted to wear what I feel, #wearwhatyoufeel so I did. Welcome to #fireheartyoga and I hope the #fireheartyogaclothingcollection brings you as much inspiration as it has to me!


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