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Why is it called Wear What You Feel?

You know the sense that you get when you’re caught up in the kind of moment where you can be honest with yourself, and hopefully in a place where you can express that?

From as far back as I can remember I always liked to express how I felt through food, jewelry, tattoos, writing, drawing, and clothing!

And clothing is especially important to match the mood you’re in, the place where you’re at and the energy you want to attract as well as give.

But it’s deeper than that - it’s where we find our inspirations to express those feelings that I’m so connected to, a broad and banded spectrum ranging from pure beauty to reverberating raw pain, and at times all of those mixed together.

Then I’ll see something like a sunrise, and if I’m quiet enough it will whisper to me exactly what I need to hear… the present moment and all of those past experiences along with the anticipation of what the future will hold.

That’s what I want to remember when I practice. That’s what I’m feeling.

I always look to nature to understand these things better - there is no better teacher.

That’s what it means to wear what you feel and it’s never felt so good!

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