How Conscious Choices Can Lead To Self-Love.

by Bethany Vaughn


So many thoughts are running through my mind!

Sooner or later, you will find yourself noticing this when you practice yoga. Frenzied thinking is ubiquitous when we’re on the mat, and when we practice there’s no talking out loud, so the voice within us can feel like things are out of control

Why am I thinking so many thoughts? Why is it so difficult to quiet my internal chatter? I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing!!!

In yoga this is called citta-vritti, literally “the churning of the mind” and it is exactly what you are supposed to be experiencing. Learning with each breath and motion more about the way you think and feel.

Take a deep breath evenly in and out through your nose. Focus on the breath.

The resistance will rise within, but you are a choice maker and you choose your thoughts, so choose to focus on your breath. It will benefit you and everyone and everything else.

You are choosing to focus on your breath and this choice will benefit you.

If you're like me, there are times you can't even believe that you could feel so good just by taking a few breaths and a few moments for yourself. The fear that maybe the feeling isn't real or that it won’t last.

But the practice does not give in to these thoughts, or doubts or fears. The practice thrives on the consciousness as it moves so gracefully through our resistance and our untamed egos.

We are choice makers, and when we choose to accept that, we benefit ourselves. When we choose to acknowledge that we are benefitting ourselves, we realize that what we are feeling is self-love, and it always feels right.

As we take a deeper breath, we can feel instinctively that emotions will rise and fall, but that ultimately each and every thing we experience on our mat is exactly as it should be.

Make the choice to accept that your thoughts are up to you, know that you can think in a way that nurtures and benefits you, and you will know self-love.

#wearwhatyoufeel #fireheartyoga

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