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You'll hear all kinds of terms and expressions when you take a yoga class. Terms like prana, shakti, chakras - the list is extensive to say the least, and when you practice yoga and you start hearing these terms they can be both intriguing and overwhelming.

Prior to taking a yoga class, you may not have heard many of these terms before. Questions like "What does this all mean?" and "What have I gotten myself into?", start to bubble up and swirl around in your mind.

This is definitely what happened to me when I first started to practice yoga. What I have learned over time is that it is something that keeps happening no matter how long you practice.

Yoga is so vast, beautiful, challenging and eye-opening. Yoga is not something you do - but rather a path, a way, a feeling, a connection and a direction.

Which brings me to the topic of lines of energy. These lines of energy are not visible per se in the way that you would see lines on a piece of paper. These are energetic lines that coincide with the patterns that the Universe creates. Some of these lines are straight up and down, some are diagonal, some have constant curvature and are circular - combined they all make up different lines of energy.

There is a place within each pose where if you align, you can feel a contentment and balance that is effortless, or is held with effortless ease. In Sanskrit it is sthira sukha - with steadiness and ease.

We can get there if we align. And, it is through this effort towards effortless ease that we find these lines within our poses. Once we begin to experience this in our poses we realize that this feeling, and way of being, can also exist in our day to day life. Everything that happens on the mat translates and reflects everything that goes on within us and in the external world. Align within and you will begin to understand everything around you - this alignment

is what it really means to go with flow.

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I started teaching yoga because someone didn't show up to teach their scheduled class. And, 20+ years later, the rest "as they say" is history!

Some of the most incredible opportunities in our lives show up when we least expect it, and sometimes when we don't expect anything at all. I know that when I agreed to teach that first class that I had no expectations other than I thought, for some reason, maybe I could do it. But, just because you love something doesn't mean you will meet with success. From that very first class I realized that this journey was going to be difficult and humbling, exciting and tumultuous. You may be thinking - "it's just a yoga class" - but anyone who has ever taught anything knows that teaching the subject matter is the easy part - it's getting a grip on yourself and staying confident in the midst of fear, and possible failure, that is the hard part. I loved it though, and still do. It's an ego check, a confidence builder, an exercise in humility, and a healthy addiction for us truth seekers. It taught me to challenge myself, to not give up, and to see myself completely, even and especially, the parts of me that I don't like. This journey to wholeness is an ongoing process and practice, and one I intend to keep traveling. I'm excited about sharing all of my content and creations with all of you and I hope that they spark and enhance your interest in your personal experiences on and off the mat. #fireheartyoga #fireheartyogawearwhatyoufeel #thenoircollection

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