What Sparked Fireheart!

About Fireheart Yoga Clothing Collection and Bethany Vaughn

“Fireheart” started out as an idea; a way of living life from your heart, where love and passion collide with our deepest fears, ambitions, and desires, all connected by inner strength to form our purpose…this is your Fireheart.

Sometimes we get crushed and sometimes we triumph, but it is our hearts that hold our truth and define us.  

I have spent the better part of two decades building my reputation as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer and opened my own studio, Red Hot Yoga, in 2010.

By 2019, I felt that my ability to teach authentic yoga was being compromised by the proliferation of chain studios and corporate discount entities, and I was very interested in what opportunities and freedom could be explored online. I have been writing, sequencing, and teaching for a long time, but I had also been building my YouTube channel and had begun to create yoga leggings that were actually comfortable, provided full coverage and allowed freedom of movement. 

After a great deal of thought, I decided to sell Red Hot Yoga and to pursue my vision of creating online content and products. Then the pandemic struck, and all plans changed. 

This brought me full circle with Fireheart and what it had always meant to me…

During a time of confusion and fear, it was a way to express your authentic self. It was a way to invoke self-love, to interconnect with nature, to ground yourself and stay in touch with who we truly are and the perspective that keeps us there. In difficult times, it’s easy to get lost within yourself, but your Fireheart can always find the way back.  

My love of photography and nature was rekindled and my focus on creating leggings led to a desktop full of designs. Before long I had several prototypes mocked up and the quality of those leggings turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for… but more than anything, the designs and patterns make me happy, and that is something I very much want to share.

All of my designs are based on photographs that I take myself and then digitally manipulate into renderings. Those renderings are then situated into the patterns that appear on the garments. 

Fireheart leggings are soft, high-waisted and nice and stretchy. It’s also worth mentioning that the first pair I produced years ago is still in action!  

The Fireheart Yoga Clothing Collection represents my dream to “wear what you feel” and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Welcome! Follow your Fireheart.